Burkina Faso

All cargoes with the final destination Burkina Faso, that arrive via maritime channels, must be covered by an Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN). It is issued by the CBC (Burkina Shippers’ Council) as an obligatory document for clearing customs declarations. 
In order to avoid any difficulties / penalties during customs clearing, the CBC asks all shippers/ forwarders to ensure that their cargo follows the regulations in place in Burkina Faso.
Pelship Offshore SAL is the official and authorized agent for the Middle East and Gulf region.

Documents required:

  • Bill of Lading


  • Commercial invoice / Freight Invoice


  • The ECTN that is issued by the CBC is an obligatory document for clearing customs declarations. In order to avoid any difficulties at destination, the shippers are asked to have an ECTN created for their cargo.
  • The ECTN formalities must be completed via the international CBC agents in the various ports of loading.
  • In order to facilitate this, the complete list of agents and the ports to which they are linked is available at the CBC office, as well as on the CBC website www.cbcbesc.com.


  • Any ECTN that contains incorrect data, particularly those of the freight costs, nature of the goods, and the value of the goods, cannot be approved or validated by the agents. 
  • As soon as the ECTN is granted, it cannot be changed, except when requesting a correction. You can request a correction from your agent. The cost of this correction is 20% of the cost of the original ECTN. 

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