Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver first in class IT solutions escorted with convenience, practicality of use and outstanding services that empower industries to “evolve”.

We aim to continuously “evolve” in order to maintain leadership, achieve success and constant growth through continuous development of both our products and team.

About Evolve Business Solutions

Who is Evolve?

A team of experienced, talented and passionate engineers with a wide experience in:

  • Software Development

  • Data Analysis Programing

  • Data Querying Optimization

  • Web and Desktop programming

  • User Experience and User Interface Design

  • Research and Adoption of Latest Technologies

  • IT Outsourcing

  • Full Software Development Lifecycle (SDL)

    • We analyze your requirements and listen to your needs,

    • consult you on business process aspects,

    • consult you on best practices in Software Development,

    • architect and design your desired solution,

    • build the solution,

    • test and adjust the solution

    • deploy the solution, and

    • monitor and maintain solutions in production

  • Following a well-defined project management methodology with scheduled deliverables

The team works cost effectively with competitive offshore rates.


Who are our Clients?

Evolve served clients in various industries including:

  • Restaurants and Hospitality Services

  • Educational Institutions

  • Actuarial Companies

  • Banks and Financial Services Companies

  • Online Media Companies in need of a Development Team

  • Statistical and Data Analysis Consulting


Why Evolve?

  • Expertise in Software Development

  • Vertical Knowledge in the Data Analysis Field

  • Professional Methodology

  • Highly Qualified Team

  • Excellent in English, French and Arabic Languages

  • Efficient Communication Through Various Online Collaboration Tools

  • Quality Work at Competitive Cost

  • Proven Track Record with References


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